The Tahoe Memorial Columbarium provides a serene, north shore setting for reflection. Welcoming family and friends year-round, it is the lake’s only indoor resting place for cremated remains.

In Latin, “columbarium” means dovecote, a home for doves. As peaceful as its name implies, the Tahoe Memorial Columbarium echoes the area’s natural beauty in beiges, blues and greens with rich wood accents and a wall of stained glass, depicting the lake itself. Recessed compartments discreetly hold the remains. Also called niches (nests in French), they are fronted with cool marble or Italian glass mosaics by the renowned Pickel Studio. The nondenominational Columbarium occupies the ground floor of St. Patrick’s Church in Incline Village. At 341 Village Boulevard, it is easily accessible, just one block from Highway 28.

Purchasing a niche in advance assures that your wishes will be fulfilled. It also relieves your friends and family of decision-making and financial responsibilities at a difficult time. Niche purchases can be financed. More than 90% of the price is tax-deductible, and there are no future costs. Prices range from $2,200 to $5000.

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